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There was lots of buzz eminating from NAB.  Some of it was noise and some of it was important.  While the “cloud” was definately buzzing in the air, most vendors were pitching their latest versions of digitial asset management, backup and archiving, acquisition, transcoding or storage.   However, every vendor, without exception, forgot to mention the most important part of their solution: people.

Let’s look at digital asset management for example.  Sure encoding, editing, storing and searching are important.  At this point in the decade long march to digital workflows, almost every solution can deal with those requirements.  So what separates the winning deployments from the over budget, oft delayed deployment:  the people leading and delivering the project.

More people time needs to be spent in setting “people expectations”, assigning “people roles”, understanding “people workflows” and setting realistic “people deadlines”.   We often rush by these types of activities to spend time understanding H.264 encoding, mezzanine file formats and playout integration.  But none of those will ultimately determine the success or failure of your project.   Migrating poor process and practice to digital or expanding inefficient digital workflows can make your workflows less effective and your content less valuable.  The people involved in your project will determine your DAM, MAM and file based workflows ultimate success or failure.

We recently launched MelroseTEC and it is not an accident that the press release announcing our new division, contained two sentences about the products and solutions MelroseTEC carries and over five paragraphs about the people who make up the team.

We know that you expect excellence.   Excellence starts and ends with people.  We get it.  And we committed to making sure you get it as well.  Whether it is a digital asset management soltuion you are investigating, an overview of shared storage solutions you might migrate to, or designing a reality show post workflow made up of Avid, Final Cut and Adobe products, our staff will make sure your project begins and ends with each person’s success.   We believe that is how you deliver today’s solutions, including Digital Asset Management.



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