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The latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud included upgrades to several popular design apps, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. What does this mean for you? If you have been putting off an upgrade, now is the time, especially if you have a previous version of the software. Not only will you get the benefit of new features, but you’ll also get all the perks of the cloud and significant savings just for being an existing customer.

Photoshop CC: New Features for Designers


Photoshop Creative Cloud comes with all the same features you already know and love, but the latest release comes with even more great effects:

    • Camera Shake Reduction – Sharpen up blurry photos with this new feature that analyzes trajectory and gives new life to photos you thought were unusable.


    • Intelligent upsampling – How many times have you received an image that was simply too small to work with? Now you can take a low-resolution photo and enlarge it without sacrificing quality.


    • Smart Sharpen – Sharpen images while keeping a natural look with new technology that brings out the richness of textures and enhances small details.


    • Editable rounded rectangles – Users spoke and Adobe listened. Shapes are more editable than ever before, including individual corners of rounded rectangles. You can also export CSS data if your work will be used for the web.


These are just a handful of the dozens of new features that come with Photoshop Creative Cloud. You can also import colors from the web, generate CSS code, and set up conditional actions for faster processing.

Photoshop CC: Benefits of the Cloud


In addition to the valuable new features, there are several other benefits that are included as part of your Creative Cloud membership:

    • Get new features as soon as they are released. You no longer have to wait for the next big software upgrade. When new features are developed, all you have to do is connect to the Internet and get the latest upgrade at no extra cost to you. It’s all included in your monthly membership fee.


    • Save files to the cloud so you can access them any time from any computer.


    • Connect to Behance directly from Photoshop so you can quickly and easily update your portfolio with your latest work.


Photoshop CC: Membership Options


If you already own a previous version of Photoshop, upgrading before the end of August will save you a lot on membership fees. You have several options for purchasing Photoshop Creative Cloud:

    • Individual membership – Photoshop is just one of many apps available in Adobe Creative Cloud for one monthly fee. Get access to the entire suite with an individual membership.


    • Team membershipCreative Cloud for Teams includes everything offered with the individual membership, but you get the benefits of a single login, the ability to control user permissions, and one-on-one time with an Adobe expert.


    • Single app – If Photoshop is the only app you use, a single-app membership is the way to go. You get all the benefits of robust new features and the connectivity of the cloud for a predictable monthly fee.


When was the last time you upgraded Photoshop?


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