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In anticipation of the fall ship date for Apple’s new Mac Pro, MelroseMAC is veritably thrumming with excitement.  We’ve got a lot of activities planned at MelroseMAC, not the least of which is a 4K-focused event featuring the new machine, so stay tuned for updates on that!

From the Founder’s desk to the sales floor, we have spirited discussions around here about all kinds of new technology, but especially the Mac Pro.  If we were to sum up the opinion in-house, though, it would be “that rocks.”

When the Mac Pro was announced at the WWDC, Sandy Nasseri commented:

“…Apple is making a point to tell the professional market; ‘we haven’t forgotten about you.’ The Mac Pro isn’t just a rumor, it’s really happening.  This is about Apple finally trying to draw back professionals and Final Cut Pro users and regain the trust from the entertainment market.”

Recently, Andrew Schneider, MelroseMAC’s Senior Account Executive for the MelroseTEC professional services division, echoed Sandy’s comments:

“…Using the latest in cutting edge technology, this will be great for all professionals looking for the latest and greatest!  With the support of 2 GPU’s and support of 4K, this will be a rocket ship for desktop video for the prosumer and professional.”

Chris, our resident hobbyist Video Editor and floor Salesman, chimed in too:

“An amazing design with the best technology. I love the fact that you can build it out to fit your needs without having all that extra bulk. Now you can get the storage you need at a fraction of the cost and you can have the confidence that it will fit in any infrastructure and workflow.”

We’ve also been talking about the Mac Pro with our industry friends.  Gary Adcock, owner of Studio 37 consulting, and respected industry veteran and thought-leader, said to us:

“For me, the new Mac Pro once again shows Apple’s acumen at amassing an extremely powerful set of components into an elegantly compact hardware design. The vast majority of computer users never really needed the internal expandability found in previous desktop models, so this redesign shows Apple is focusing on their core market of graphics and video pros.”

He continued with some other observations about what the new Mac Pro shows about the direction of Apple and their products:

“The New Mac Pro…shows Apple’s uncompromising leadership in the ‘Greening’ of computing. Designed to reduce power consumption, manufacturing and computing costs, while giving consumers a nearly unbelievable amount of power, without sacrificing Apple’s attention to detail and design. It does not matter whether you are a Photographer, Graphic Designer, Editor or Animator, the new Mac Pro will power your vision.”

Woody Woodhall, who runs the Los Angeles Post Production Group, a professional networking and educational organization for industry content creators, had quite a bit to say, including one or two possible concerns for post professionals:

“The new Mac Pro tower looks like a very powerful step ahead in Apple computing.  The processors, the drive speed and the new graphics capable of real time 4K are very forward looking.  The one thing that has me concerned is the form factor, given the need for video and audio professionals to have additional gear for it to be to most useful.  Thunderbolt expansion chassis that house the PCIe cards and additional drive bays are essential.  It will be interesting to see what the price point is for the machine and then determine what other items not in the box will be needed to do pro level work.  Exciting but still a bit more wait and see.”  

All in all, the feelings about the Mac Pro seem really positive.


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