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BYOD is quite the buzzword for business owners and IT professionals. Short for “bring your own device”, BYOD refers to a company policy that allows employees to use personal mobile devices for business. There are several reasons that BYOD is becoming more popular, but the primary one is the explosion of mobile device use.

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In the past, companies provided mobile devices to employees because they didn’t have their own and because employers needed a way to communicate with staff in the field. However, cheaper devices and the widespread adoption of mobile phones have changed the IT landscape. Now many employees have their own devices and do not want to carry more than one. These factors have all contributed to the popularity of BYOD for business.

Why BYOD Works for Modern Business

Some of the reasons that BYOD can actually be beneficial to your business include:

  • Personal preference – When employees can work on the device with which they are more comfortable, they are more productive and better able to do their work. Allowing your staff to choose their own devices also contributes to better employee satisfaction.
  • Lower overhead costs – When you don’t have to purchase and maintain mobile devices for employees, you save on the costs of both hardware and usage subscriptions. Even the employers that choose to participate in cost sharing save with BYOD.
  • Data protection – Allowing employees to use their own devices does not mean that they have free reign to do what they like with respect to your network and company data. A good BYOD policy includes measures for data protection, which gives you the ability to protect sensitive information.
  • Streamlined IT – Having a good BYOD policy in place allows you to control when and how your IT team interacts with employee devices. Whether you use a centralized software solution to manage access to apps and websites, or have a policy that restricts the types of devices that you allow, BYOD enables more streamlined IT for mobile devices.

These devices might be smart phones, laptops, or tablets, and they could be Mac or PC-based platforms. Regardless of the device type and the operating system, businesses must ensure that their digital assets are protected with a good BYOD policy and software solutions that help support it.

If you need help developing a BYOD policy for your business, or if you need to find the right software to support your policy, get in touch with the experts at MelroseMAC. We’ll help you determine the software requirements and find the best solution for your business.

Have you tried a BYOD policy at your company?

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