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Businesses that use mobile devices like smart phones and tablets must ensure that company, customer, and employee data is protected at all times. When employees use devices to access the company network, data security is the number one priority. iOS7 has built-in features that help you ensure data security and so much more.

5 Reasons to Use iOS7 for Business

If you are not already using iOS7 for business, consider these five reasons you should:

    1. Device security – A lost or stolen device can be a major problem if valuable data is stored on it. New features like Activation Lock make it much more difficult for unauthorized users to access content on the device. Passcodes and fingerprint readers on the new iPhone also help improve device security and deter theft.


    1. App security – If devices are used only for business, app security is generally not an issue. However, many companies operate with a BYOD policy, which means that devices are used for both professional and personal use. A new Per App VPN feature allows IT administrators to set certain apps to open using the company’s VPN, while others are not allowed to access it. Your IT team can also wirelessly manage app settings.


    1. App management – The introduction of the Volume Purchasing Program allows businesses to purchase app licenses that can be distributed among employees and transferred or restricted as needed. This means that you can save money and protect your data at the same time.


    1. Employee collaboration – New features like AirDrop make it easier for employees to share files on the go.


    1. Easy upgrades – The widespread adoption of iOS7 has demonstrated that automatic, free, wireless installation make users more inclined to upgrade when new versions are released. This makes it easier for IT staff to enforce the use of a single operating system, which in turn improves efficiency and ensures that all employees have the same user experience.


If you are interested in learning more about iOS7 for business, or if you’re ready to upgrade your office, work with the experts at MelroseMAC. We can help you decide which devices, subscription plans, and software solutions will work best for your company. As an Authorized Apple Dealer, we work with businesses of all types to implement Apple solutions in the workplace. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What iOS7 features do you like best for your business?


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