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One of the most important functions of IT teams is showing employees how to navigate the hardware and software that your company uses. Whether you are teaching a new employee about the systems you use or conveying information to the entire staff about a recent upgrade, Apple TV makes it easier for you to present training materials and other information.

One of the most useful features of Apple TV for business is the ability to link any Apple device to a television screen. This means that you can see the screens for not only laptops, but also iPhones and iPads.

Apple TV for IT Training


The ability to connect multiple types of devices to Apple TV opens up training possibilities that were previously not there. Using Apple TV for IT training gives you the ability to:

    • Train employees in groups – You no longer have to stand over the shoulder of each individual user to walk them through an upgrade or help them solve a common problem. Simply connect one device to Apple TV and show an entire team how to do the task at hand.


    • Demonstrate software in action – Training employees on new software can be challenging, especially if you are limited to handbooks and tutorials. With Apple TV you can comfortably navigate through the software together.


    • Teach employees how to use multiple devices – Many employees use multiple mobile devices in the workplace, including iPhones, iPads, and laptops. In some cases you may use mobile apps that are not available on laptops. How do you effectively train employees to use these apps on such a small screen? Using AirPlay Mirroring to connect to the device to a larger screen makes app training much easier.


    • Respond to questions in real time – If you use training materials with static screen shots, you don’t have the ability to effectively respond to questions during a training session. However, if your device is connected to Apple TV, you can respond to questions by actually demonstrating the solution in real time. This allows you to provide more hands-on training and gives employees the information they actually need, when they need it.


If you would like to learn more about Apple TV or any other Apple technology, ask the professionals at MelroseMAC. We work with all types of businesses to provide effective solutions for training, travel, and day-to-day operations. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.

What tools does your IT team currently use for training?


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