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Optimizing newsroom workflows is critical because of the time-sensitive nature of the industry. The constant effort to release quality news items before the competition only magnifies the need for compatible recording equipment and digital media software. In addition, today’s high expectations for quality graphics and seamless production require broadcasters to stay on the cutting edge. Whether in the field or in the studio, newsroom professionals need computers they can count on.

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The transition to all-digital workflows in newsrooms and other creative professions has forced hardware and software providers to step up their games. HP has met this challenge head-on with the Z820 Workstation, which is optimized for video, audio, and graphics like no other model they have produced before. Close collaboration with software providers like Avid and Adobe makes HP Workstations even more suitable for the broadcasting industry.

Optimizing Newsroom Workflows with the HP Z820 Workstation

Digital filed-based workflow has changed the way newsrooms operate, but the need for speed remains. The HP Z820 Workstation is optimized for Avid video editing software so your newsroom can stay fast and competitive with the following features:

  • Full creative control of image framing to provide faster HD delivery from high-res sources
  • Automated media management makes workflow more efficient so you can spend time on your stories, not on tasks like copying and transcoding
  • Built-in remote graphic software (RGS) makes real-time collaboration and production easy, no matter where you are
  • Multiple powerful processors allow faster generation of high-resolution graphics and data transfer

Broadcast professionals all over the world use HP Z Workstations with Avid to produce videos for television and the Internet. In a world of tight deadlines and demand for high quality, you can’t afford to have outdated technology.

Avid and HP work closely together to ensure that HP Workstations are optimized for Avid software. This means that you don’t have to worry about the reliability or speed of your systems so you can focus on production.

If you are interested in learning more about the HP Z820 Workstation and the software solutions that can help optimize your newsroom workflow, contact the experts at MelroseMAC. Our MelroseTEC team works closely with broadcast and media professionals to find the hardware and software solutions that best match your needs. We also provide ongoing support services so you can be confident that help will be there when and where you need it. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

What improvements would you like to make to your newsroom workflow?


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