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After you have made the decision to use the HP Z820 Workstation for professional video editing, you can do even more to improve your work experience. Selecting the right software, adding the best display solutions, and using the built-in tools to optimize workflow will ensure that you get the most from your technology investment.
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3 Video Editing Tips for the HP Z820 Workstation

  1. Use compatible software – Video editing software solutions like Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC are designed to work well on certain HP Workstations, including the Z820. Using compatible software helps ensure that your applications will run quickly and reliably so can work efficiently and effectively.
  2. Use optimized displays – Video editing requires more than just a fast processor; you also need to see your work at a very high resolution. HP Workstations have the power to provide professional quality video editing solutions, but if your display is not also optimized for this type of work, you could be missing out. HP Z1 All-in-One and DreamColor Displays ensure that you have the graphic quality you need.
  3. Use Remote Graphics Software – RGS allows you to collaborate with clients and colleagues, no matter where you are located. This software is included on all HP Workstations and requires no extra hardware or subscription fees. Share your work in real-time, even video and large graphics, without sacrificing quality. No matter what video editing applications you decide to use, RGS allows you to show off your work whenever and wherever you want to.

If you need a professional video editing hardware or software solution, work with the pros at MelroseMAC. We work closely with dozens of vendors so we have the expertise to help you decide which solution is right for you. We can also help with implementation, training, and maintenance so you can get the most from your systems.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation with the experts in our MelroseTEC division. In addition to hardware and software solutions, we can also help you set up and maintain your digital archive and efficiently distribute your video content.

What hardware and software do you currently use for professional video editing? Do you have all the power and tools you need?


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