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The Rundown

First, we have the main event: the Final Cut Pro X update 10.2. GPU acceleration has been added for faster conversion, and access to movie files is expedited by letting you manipulate portions of them as they are converted. A 3D title creation feature loaded with fonts and templates is also included.

Final Cut Pro X Update

Next we have the first companion app, Motion, being upgraded to version 5.2. Like its big brother, the attention grabbing headlines in its patch notes are related to 3D title production. It adds the ability to tweak the lighting, surfaces, camera angles, and so forth. Support for third-party modifications allows for a wider range of effects and the potential to create your own.

Finally, there’s the Compressor 4.2 update. The combination of the new iTunes package creation and faster encoding into ProRes keeps things short and sweet.

Bug fixes and smaller changes not listed here can be found in the patch notes.

What This Means For You

The title sets the mood for the entire film. A masterpiece will thrive without one, but putting a great title before it can result in one iconic image that embodies all of the thoughts and emotions that it evokes. Now you don’t have to rely on other software to create one.

The GPU acceleration and improved encoding speed are more about enabling the artistry than becoming it, but they are just as welcome. Every minute shaved off of the evil tax of processing time lets you spend more time looking at your work, not the loading screen.

It should go without saying that direct uploading to iTunes will drastically ease sharing and selling the final product, although there are obvious paths to improvement still. All the user has to do is select the relevant files for the movie, trailer, and other options, then they let the program do the work of creating an iTunes Store Package. Combined with the wide array of new and existing video creation and editing features, this Final Cut Pro X update brings everything a production team needs in its software.
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