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12-inch Retina MacBook

As we all know, newest technology equals initial high cost and the 12-inch is no exception. Once Apple is able to trim the costs, though, this is the machine most likely to replace the Air. Besides its great features and ease of transport, the new MacBook is also the one that ups your cool factor and wows your friends and enemies alike.


Weighing in at just two pounds, other features you’ll love are its thinness – about half an inch (think original iPad) – and, of course, the Retina display of 2304 x 1440 with 226 PPI.  There’s no fan, which means it’s completely silent. Battery life is good, with up to nine hours of web browsing, putting it on par with the Pro. Features that may be cons for some are the single port, the slower processor and graphics when compared to the Pro, and its smaller screen.

13-inch MacBook Pro

No doubt about it, the Pro is the dynamo when it comes to graphics and processor speed. If you use Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X and/or Photoshop on a daily basis, then the Pro is probably your best choice. Are you a serious gamer? Answer yes to that and, again, your choice should be the Pro.

The Pro also gives you all the extra ports, but it weighs three and a half pounds compared to the MacBook’s two, making it a bit less travel friendly.

In the end then, think of your choice as one between portability and power. The Retina MacBook is, of course the newest technology with the latest form factor and it’s ultra-light, making it perfect for travel.  The MacBook Pro is the go-to machine for serious app usage, gaming and just about anything else you’re inclined to throw at it.
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