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By the Numbers

The ISIS | 1000 is the little brother of more expensive Avid systems, but the device packs a ton of power into its small frame. It can support up to 24 separate workstations (whether they are PCs, laptops, or any other electronic device) operating up to 144 streams of digital data running at 50 Mbit/sec. Simply put, it has the capability to handle the constant flow of massive files, most notably high-definition and BluRay video, between the connected workstations. It also has numerous backups to prevent data loss, from 20TB to 80TB of storage space, and support for third-party applications.

ISIS | 1000

How Can It Help a Production Team?

The connectivity offered by the ISIS | 1000 goes beyond the powers of a basic local area network with a standard router. The blisteringly fast speeds allow multiple users to work on the same file in real time, removing the delays generated when only one workstation can make changes before the file has to be repackaged and distributed to all of the other workstations. The ability to quickly share and collaborate immensely reduces the amount of time needed to go from raw to the polished, final product.

Why Should You Wait?

The enhancements in production speed are nearly invaluable. If you have just three editors working on the same film, the ISIS | 1000 gives you three times the concurrent editing potential while almost completely eliminating the downtime caused by file transference. This translates into beating deadlines, greater production value, increased profits, and enhanced worker efficiency. For the production studio wanting to advance themselves into the modern world of blazing fast networking and collaboration that doesn’t care if you’re sending JPGs or MP4s, plugging in an ISIS | 1000 is a miracle waiting to happen.

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