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External hard drives have surged in popularity thanks to their declining prices and the ability to quickly move large files between different devices without hogging the network’s capabilities. Still, these drives are only designed to withstand the stresses of life in office spaces. Too much jostling or a misplaced cup may be all it takes to turn the external drive into an oddly shaped paper weight. For photographers and filmmakers, the best images are frequently in the most dangerous places at the most inhospitable times, so rugged equipment like the G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC (All Terrain Case) can help guarantee the digital data won’t be corrupted by water damage, impacts, and everything else that the world can throw at you.

Hardware for Hard Wear

A hard drive that wants to label itself for outdoor use with cameras has to be both incredibly durable and able to store vast amounts of high-quality pictures and videos.


Starting with the insides, the ATC is stuffed with a 1 TB G-Technology G-Drive ev RaW with a 7200 RPM read and write speed and 136 MB/s transfer speed capability. While the numbers aren’t anything out of the ordinary, G-Technology has some of the highest ratings for reliability in their hard drives, and the RaW is made from a more durable and lighter black plastic.

Tougher than a Turtle

The real hero of this buy, though, is the All Terrain Case. It can withstand drops from over six feet onto rough surfaces, endure rain and snow, crawl through mud and dirt, and it will even float if you happen to drop it into deeper water.The durable rubber construction fits seamlessly around any of the G-Technology Evolution series, including the standard ev RaW, its bigger HDD brothers, and the ev SSD. With this versatility, you can easily fill up a disk, send it to the office for editing, and immediately continue to work with a new, protected drive.

There are two different models of the case available; One comes with Thunderbolt connectivity in the case, and the other has a USB 3.0 connector. The one downside to the case is that the connector is the only one you have access to unless you pull the drive out of it, so choose carefully.

The G-Technology G-Drive ev ATC has the strength to keep up with the most adventurous photographers and videographers no matter where they want to go.

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