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  • the mindset of:  keep it simple (hey, you want kids to easily doodle your superhero’s costume on the back of their school notebooks, right?);
  • a Wacom Cintiq tablet (don’t consider it a hefty expense; it’s an investment in your career and in the life of America’s next superhero); and,
  • an unwavering commitment to spend every waking hour (except when you’re mastering some new gizmo or gadget, crankin’ the elbow at that local LA watering hole where you do your best brainstorming with your buddies, or headin’ to a Henry Rollins Spoken Word gig), sketching, doodling, and crafting the next iconic superhero until it leaps from the tablet.

That’s it.  With the right mindset, the right electronic sketchpad, and the right discipline, you can create the next superhero.  Once you’ve got those three ingredients in the mix, here’s how to concoct your next (or first) magnum opus:

Jordan_Gibson_step_3First, brainstorm with other like-minded, creative souls (those buddies of yours at the corner pub).  Think of some possible aesthetic designs, costume elements, and superhuman abilities of your character. Next, decide the age, gender, name, residence, and super skills of your character. Third, do some research to get the facts right.

If your character is a skate boarding teenager, a 21-year-old app developer, or a culinary chef, make the toys, the technology, and the tools authentic. If you want to base your superhero costumes on the latest fashions, peruse social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and modern fashion blogs.  Fourth, the fun part ~ doodle some ideas.

Use your Wacom Cinque to sketch out possible patterns, accessories, and other costume details you’ve researched thus far. Fifth, draw your designs. Take a look at what you’ve doodled. Decide which hairstyles, costumes, colors, and facial features you like the best and start putting together a more detailed drawing of your character. It’s at this stage where you can share your supercool sketches with others for a sounding board.

Finalize your masterpiece. Create your character in his/her full costume, replete with any tools, trinkets, technology, or other special things your character is connected to. Send your superhero soaring throughout social media. Once you’ve finished drawing your new superhero, don’t just let it sit in a file on your Wacom Cintiq ~ share it with others and watch it go viral.

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