Learning how to use the touch bar on your Macbook Pro is a process. Despite this fact, many owners will find that it is easier to operate than they think. Before you begin the learning process, take a look at these Macbook Pro touch bar tips.

  1. Did you know that you can take screenshot of the touch bar itself? Many people do not, but by downloading the Touché app, you will have the ability to take a screenshot.
  2. Instead of having to access Siri the traditional way, just press and hold the Siri button and provide the Mac with your command. Siri will immediately perform the requested task.
  3. Let’s face it – internet ads are annoying. However, if you use the touch bar’s scrub tool while using Safari, you will be able to scrub through virtually any ad. Simply select the button that looks like a graph and select the scrub app you wish to use.
  4. If you need consistent access to the Function keys, open System Preferences, choose the Keyboard option, and select Shortcuts. Finally, choose Function Keys from the options list and the add sign.
  5. Did you know that you can customize your touch bar to fit your own needs? Choose the “Customize Control Strip” option from System Preference to do this.
  6. Perform calculations quickly by accessing the number row at the top of your keyboard (operational signs will immediately show up).
  7. If you choose to use the Apple Pay option with your MacBook, you can make purchases only using your touch bar.
  8. Instead of having to enter your password each time your system wakes up, you can just utilize the Touch ID using your finger.
  9. When setting up a meeting via Calendar, you can display open blocks of time using the touch bar so you can select the most appropriate time.
  10. When using a text-based app, you will have direct access to the predictive text option in the touch bar.

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