Apple’s Macbook is one of the most popular laptop computer builds in the world, and it has its fans for good reason. The company has kept a careful eye on the features it offers, ensuring that the design walks the line between being ultralight, being affordable, and offering up all the hardware power professionals need. Luckily, 2017 brings us the third generation of Macbook laptops, and the new design specifications are going to be enough to get most MelroseINC customers excited, because the new design is built to be 20 percent faster than the 2nd generation build.

Kaby Lake Processors and Other Features

The new computing power comes from Intel’s seventh generation processors, which were code named Kaby Lake during development. Other features include:

  • Intel 615 integrated graphics
  • 50 percent faster solid state drives

On the outside, it’s very much business as usual, with Apple foregoing major stylistic redesigns in favor of continuing to follow the highly successful design model that they locked into early with the Macbook.

The exact speed of the new processor depends on the model, but $1,299 Macbook purchasers can expect an m3 dual core processor with 1.2GHz base speed and a boost to 2.4GHz. $1,599 models will be stocked with a 1.3/3.2 GHz i5 processor.

Bottom Line

The first couple of generations of the Macbook were popular and widely embraced, but they did have certain performance shortcomings, which is pretty typical for new product lines seeking their place in the tech world. With the new upgrades, though, the third generation seems to have a solid lock on the combination of power, price, and performance versatility that people look for in a lightweight notebook.

If you are considering an upgrade this year, contact us for more information. Our associates can help you assess your needs individually or as an organization, and they can also help with recommendations if you are not sure exactly what model or build you need.

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