Just a few week ago, Apple announced its next big move: the iMac Pro desktop. Following on the success of the iMac desktop as a work tool for countless professionals, the iMac Pro comes with a workstation-grade interior hardware build and the same accessibility and ease of use that professionals have come to expect from Apple. It also comes with a hefty $4,999 price tag that reflects the difference between home desktops and professional workstation builds.

Features of the new iMac Pro

Like its predecessor, the Mac Pro, the iMac Pro uses Intel Xeon processors—in this case, eight core processors from the most recent generation of Xeon designs. It can also be configured to use and 18 core variant. You can also expect the following features:

  • 5K display from the existing 5K iMac
  • 4 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports
  • The ability to push 44m pixels across three screens
  • 128 GB EEC RAM
  • 4TB storage
  • Radeon Vega graphics with 16GB of memory

With all of this power packed into an all-in-one box, it’s going to be a lot easier for editors working with 4K or 8K video to get everything they need out of an Apple build once again, instead of having to move between systems according to the needs of the project.

Other Updates

Apple also unveiled major updates to other product lines at the event that announced the new iMac Pro desktop, including updates that bring in 7th generation i5 processors for the Macbook and updates to the 21.5 inch version of the iMac. These updates will ensure new versions of these computers continue to be competitive for new buyers, allowing those who need professional upgrades options that respect their budgets.

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