Adobe has taken customer feedback and refined it’s professional video editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro) for easier use and maximum functionality. Adobe Premiere CC is a video editing software meant for novice or professional users. Use the same video editing tool to create your film, music video, or more just like industry experts do with Adobe Premiere Pro.

The latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 video editing software package is user-friendly for both the novice user and industry professionals. Adobe Premiere can also be used in conjunction with Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and more. Adobe Premiere Pro CC can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis.

How to Use Adobe Premiere Pro

Import your footage with ease and then export an edited version back on tape, disc, or your favorite medium. Once uploaded, you can created edited versions that you can manipulate per your storytelling preference. Premiere Pro enables you to create broadcast-quality and high-definition video content through a user-friendly interface.

Another exciting feature in Adobe Premiere Pro is the ability to automatically synchronize audio and video files. You no longer have to visually guesstimate where your waveforms line up. Premiere Pro now features support for new mediums like 4K and higher, 360 virtual reality video, HDR video, and the Lumetri Color tool. With a simple and flexible interface, you can quickly access projects, begin new ones and switch easily between functions.

Price and System Requirements

You can purchase a subscription to the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro through the Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll need a Windows 7 or later or OS X Yosemite or later system (64-bit version preferred). If you purchase it alone, you pay $19.99 monthly with an annual commitment or $29.99 if you want to try it out on a month by month basis. Purchase Adobe Premiere Pro with a complete suite of products for $49.99 or $79.99 month-to-month.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC For Your Business

Although Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a powerful software tool for video editing, it’s recommended to use multiple applications to finish off your post-production workflow. Audio mixing and effects, for example, should be worked on using Adobe Audition or Soundbooth. Buying adobe products in bundles can give you a cost-effective and powerful production suite of products.
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