AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer in high-quality video interface technology, recently announced that their line of products (including KONA, T-Tap, and Io) support the latest \ release of Adobe Premiere CC video editing software along with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR workflows. You can now also use the AJA Video System family of products with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Speedgrade (color grading software) CC for Mac and Windows.

Get the Most out of Your IO Workflow

AJA’s revamped plug-ins and drivers will enable Adobe Premiere Pro CC users to get the most out of their I/O workflow. With new HDR and JPEG 2000 workflows in the latest Adobe release, AJA stepped up with support for both of these workflows. If you’re a video editor that uses Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe SpeedGrade CC, you can now maximize your potential with KONA 4’s functionality with 4K, UltraHD, and HDR workflows.

Support for HDR and New Firmware

AJA’s desktop software v13 can support HDR enabling HLG playout from Adobe Premiere Pro using the AJA Kona 4 I/O card or an AJA Io 4K Thunderbolt enabled device. The new AJA desktop card an optional firmware will support uncompressed input from JPEG 2000 streams. It will also be able to encode JPEG 200 streams from Adobe Premiere Pro

Support for HLG enables Adobe Pro users to use AJA’s KONA 4 or 4K hardware the capability of working with HDR material. Additionally, new JPEG 2000 firmware licensing for KONA IP enables user input our output from JPEG 2000. New AJA drivers will also support new features like Apple ProRes codec capture in Adobe Premier Pro for Mac and Avid DNxHD codec capture in Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac and Windows.

Your AJA video processing just got a whole lot easier. If you’re using an AJA video recorder, you are now able to reap all the functionalities of working with the Adobe suite of products. For the creative types, this latest release means they can work in higher resolutions like 4K and higher.

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