On December 15, 2016,  Avid gave storytellers a special holiday treat with a new version (8.7) of Media Composer featuring great media updates and improvements over the previous Avid Media Composer release. Here’s what’s new in editing software.

Audio and Data Dupe Detection

Previously available only for video, dupe detection is now available for audio and data tracks (accessible through the Fast Menu in the bottom left corner of your timeline). Now, you can visually detect in your sequence when you have duplicate media files. A colored bar will appear on top of the duplicate frames, so you can easily remove the frames if you’ve made a mistake.

Match Framing to Titles and Matte Keys

When you edit titles or matte keys in your sequence, you have the option of tracking the original clip/frame so that you can match frame it later on. Keep in mind, this functionality only applies to titles and matte keys on v8.7 or later.

Safe Area and Safe Title Options

Now, you can set the Safe Area/Title to RP-2046 (safe area 93% and safe title 90%) and EBU R95 (safe area 96.5% and safe title 95%) standards to meet your modern video editing needs. You can find your grid settings in Media Composer’s settings tab of your project window.

Extended Audio Punch In

The audio-punch in tool enables video editors to record audio narration directly over specific parts of the timeline. With extended audio punch in, you can take extend your audio beyond the duration of a sequence or the mark out.

Control Track Shown in Split View

Your composer settings got a new upgrade. You can control which track is shown when you press Play during Split View. Choose between V1 and monitored track.

Update on Audio Default Pan

This audio default pan update enables gives users more menu options in the Clip mode in the Audio Mixer tool. With this update, you can remove pan effects with values that are the same as the default for each track.

Rotation Presents in FrameFlex

In the Source Settings FrameFlex tab, you can now rotate a clip with left and right buttons to help you adjust parameters for framing.

Clip Info Shortcut

Access your clip info faster than ever. Pressing Alt + Ctrl + I (for one or multiple clips selected) will open the clip information on the Console window.

Set Default Bin View

When creating a new bin, you can set it to default bin view.

Close All Bins But Active

Zero in on your clip with this new feature. With this option in the Windows menu, you can close all open bins except for the active bin.

Skip Prompt to Save Locked Bins on Auto-Save

In the Bin Settings window, you can disable pop-ups that show up when you save locked bins during Auto-save.

Hybrid Log Gamma Color Space

References to AribB-67 have switched to HybridLogGamma. You can find this feature in the color space selection or as color transformations in the Source Settings.

Timecode Burn-In Effect Local Frame Count

Set the starting frame at any value, not just 0 and 1 like in the previous version.

List Tool Update

Create a cut list or change list for more than one sequence.
As Avid editing software gets better and better with new Avid media updates, your editing sessions get much easier and faster. Paired with other media tools for Apple, you can create powerful stories from scratch. At Melrose Inc, we can help you source the right equipment for the right price. Reach out to us at info@melroseinc.com for more information.

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