Avid video editing makes it easier for you to achieve your show, video, or film’s original vision, from pre-production to the final product. Avid’s latest Media Composer 8 release simplifies production workflow through extensive testing and customer feedback.

Avid Video Editing Workflow

The Avid video editing software is built on a production workflow with five stages:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Media Staging, Search and Logging
  3. Editing and Collaboration
  4. Asset Management
  5. Delivery, Broadcast and Distribution


No matter how you like to shoot your footage, Avid’s Media Composer 8 can handle whatever raw media you capture. If you’re shooting with 4K or 8K, the Avid production workflow set-up makes it easy to edit high-resolution and HD media quickly. You also get native support for the latest codecs.

Media Staging, Search and Logging

After you’ve acquired your media, you’re ready to edit your material. Everyone in your filmmaking team can easily collaborate with Media Composer user-friendly interface and ability to edit project in the cloud. Media Composer enables you to find and mark exact clips or sound bites to give to the editor.

Editing and Collaboration

Once all of the data is logged for the editor to look back on, you can get started on making the rough cut. If rough cuts aren’t approved, you can make changes. For live events, highlight or “melt” reels can be created while event is in progress.

Asset Management

During this stage, the team archives media, creates watermarks on media, and generally ensures all assets are properly accounted for.

Delivery, Broadcast and Distribution

When the project has been completed, you can finally make it available for all to see. Whether it’s a sports event, music video, or scripted show, your video is ready for mass consumption.

Avid video editing keeps getting better and better. Ultimately, everyone’s workflow is different and the same in many ways. Even if you work with the Adobe video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, your workflow will look similar to this. Melrose Inc can help you find the right video editing software for you.

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