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If you’re looking to dabble in digital art, art tablets are practical tools to hone your skills and create stunning works of art. They’re essentially just drawing computer screens meant for creative beginners and professionals. Just like with traditional art, the equipment you use when creating digital art will affect the quality of your finished piece.

What do You Need to Become a Digital Artist?

Using a bulky mouse won’t give you enough precision control to create what you want. Digital art tablets bring the latest in pressure-sensitive screen technology and fine-point pens to give artists unparalleled precision in their work.

Whether you prefer digital art or want to expand your artistic horizons, the Wacom digital art drawing pad gives you a practical tool to take anywhere you go. Working on a pen tablet provides a pressure-sensitive way to mimic traditional drawing tools.

How to Use Your Wacom Art Tablet

Once you’ve followed instructions for connecting your Wacom art tablet to your computer and installing software, you can experience first-hand how easy it is to become a digital artist. Place your tablet on your desk or lap so you can comfortably create. Just like a drawing table, you can position your Wacom art tablet vertically, flat, or at an angle.

With your computer drawing pen or “stylus” in hand, lightly press onto the tablet. Once you lift the pen, you can begin another pen stroke. You can change the “nib” at the point of your computer drawing pen to mimic the feel of a brush, marker, pencil, chalk, oil, watercolors, and more.

Make the Wacom Art Tablet Your Own

You can program buttons on the side of your pen to perform a specific keystroke or scrolling option. You can even set different customized options for each application you use, so you don’t have to change it every time you switch between applications. The Wacom art tablet also comes with “ExpressKeys” on the left edge of the tablet. These keys can be customized to access your favorite functions across a variety of applications.

The Wacom art tablet keeps up with your lifestyle. No desk space? No problem. With a small and medium sized art tablets available, you can choose which one best suits your lifestyle. You can now also rest your palm on the tablet. The tablet will ignore the palm if the pen is within half an inch of the tablet.

Whether you’re designing your first logo or painting a portrait, Wacom’s art tablet gives you the latest in pen and tablet technology to keep up with your creative workflow. Even if you prefer the traditional artistic method, you’ll appreciate the ease of use, so you can focus on creating a great masterpiece. Paired with a powerful adobe editing software, you can become a digital artist in no time.