Take your editing workflow to the next level with high performance cloud file sharing through shared storage. Professional editors need scalable collaborative tools for their editing teams to maximize efficiency and accessibility of data. Data storage solutions like shared storage enhance collaboration and allow creative professionals to work anywhere. Here are a few reasons how editors can take advantage of shared storage.

Media Consolidation

When you have multiple video projects you’re working on, you tend to rack up video and audio files that you can exceed your storage capacity. Video files especially take up a lot of storage space and can be expensive to scale up. Instead of working with a mountain of hard drives that belong to an array of editors and accumulating duplicate files, opt for shared storage. When everyone works from the same storage server, collaboration becomes more efficient.

Increased Storage Capacity

Another advantage of working with a shared storage system enables you to use as much storage space as possible. Now, you can shoot in RAW, VR, 4K, or at a higher frame rate than usual without worrying about your storage needs. Your storytelling capabilities are expanded with the ability to use as much data as you need.

Improved Archiving

Sharing storage also enables you to archive your media files better, instead of working with multiple external hard drives. You can backup your files at regular intervals and go back to previous versions of a file for any reason. Having all of your media in the same place, improves your ability to keep track of it.

Better Performance

If you’re working alone, you can work with multiple flash drives, but this method won’t work if you are working with multiple users. Instead of physically moving your drive from one location to another, shared data storage solutions enable you to improve your workflow.

If you’re looking for cloud storage providers in your area, Melrose INC can help your organization benefit from shared storage. Your team will be able to access data from any location. Your business will be able to scale as needed. Your data will be protected. Ultimately, shared storage takes the worry out of protecting your files and lets you focus on the creative parts of your work.

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