You can lose your precious data in the blink of an eye. Whether for business or personal use, data backup is imperative to retrieving valuable information when a computer or hard drive is destroyed. If you lose pictures, music, and video on your personal computer, it can be devastating. If you run a business and lose client and billing information, it can be lethally damaging. In fact, many businesses never make it back after a data breach or loss.

Threats to Your Data

Unlike your hardware (computer or hard drive), your data can be as easily replace without a proper backup. In fact, it can’t be replaced at all. You can purchase a new hard drive, but it will not come with your data. Of course, data backup doesn’t simply involve duplicating your data onto a different storage solution. Backups must be performed frequently and consistently to have your most recent files safely stored and protected.

In this day and age, threats to your data come in many forms including: natural disasters, theft, malware, human error, and more. That’s why, there are many data storage solutions for both personal and business use. Portable flash drives and external hard drives offer the ordinary user with an affordable backup solution. Keep in mind, these data drives are prone to the same threats as your personal computer. The safest method of protecting your personal data is a cloud backup storage solution.

The Benefits of Cloud Storage Solutions

Backups that are not stored remotely are at risk for permanent data loss. If your backup storage is in the same place as your original data, then you are risking your data every day. Instead of putting off data storage, protect your own or your company’s assets by using a cost-effective and easy to use cloud data storage solution. Storing your data remotely can free up your system’s resources to handle only what you need.

Online Backup Solutions

Online backup solutions are the best choice for personal and small or medium businesses. Online backup solutions eliminate the need for hardware. Instead, online backup solutions require a monthly or annual cost to protect your data. You can choose to automatically backup your files using an encrypted format onto a remote and secure data storage center. To recover your lost files, all you’ll need is an internet connection to log into the cloud.

Small to medium sized businesses and enterprises don’t have the time or the resources to house all of their data in one place. For businesses that want to scale the right way, email archiving solutions enables them to store their information remotely to meet regulatory standards for business and legal purposes. With an email archiving service, you can choose exactly what data you need to save for the future to keep only the things that matter.

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