Avid Pro Tools enable music creators to create and work together to take their music to the next level. Choose from a plethora of virtual instruments. Work with a multitude of plug-ins. Pro Tools music software will give you industry leading tools to make your music sound incredible.

Start Up Avid Pro Tools

Just because it’s a standard in professional music production shouldn’t intimidate you. Avid Pro Tools is easy to install, configure, and use on your Mac or Windows computers. Begin by opening up the latest Pro Tools, signing into your Avid account and then choose whether you want to create a new session or open up an existing session to work on.

Create A Session

If you’re new to music production, you can choose to create a session from a template  of various music genres including blues, drum and bass, dubstep, electronica, funk, hip-hop, house, jazz, pop, rock and more. Once you’ve chosen the template and named the project, click create to open up the template or the blank track you have chosen.

Add New Tracks

Once your interface appears, you can begin by adding tracks under the Tracks section of your menu. Click on Tracks to add a New tracks as you please. Audio tracks enable you to record audio waveforms from microphones or instruments plugged into your audio interface. To create a new track, you can also use the shortcut (Command, shift, N on Mac or Control, shift, N for PC).

Connect Instruments, Plug-Ins, and More

After you’ve added your tracks, they’ll appear in the main window. You can connect your instruments and microphones to as many tracks as you need. Before you record, make sure you’re getting signal from your instrument to your interface. To get to your mix window, use shortcuts (Command and = on Mac or Ctrl and = on Windows). Once in the mixing window, find the input and output section. Choose input and output signals to determine what to record and where the sound is coming out from. Make sure your signal meter shows that your instrument is plugged in. When you press record, Avid Pro Tools records audio waveforms you can edit.

If you’re using virtual instruments, you can change the tempo using the midi toolbar on top of the window. To ensure you begin recording at the right spot, you can click rewind to get back to the beginning of the song.

Mix Your Tracks

The mix window (under the Window menu) in Avid Pro Tools enable you to solo tracks (S button), mute a track (M button), and more. Press the “R” button to record and you’re on your way to becoming a fine music producer.
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