Small and growing businesses need proper data storage solutions to keep track of all the information businesses need to run. Emails, documents, video and audio files, spreadsheets and more are all pertinent data for a business.

What Are Your Business Storage Needs?

Before you choose your storage provider, you must first determine what your specific business needs are. What data do you need to store? Are you saving emails, client information, financial documents? How many people are you giving access to the server? Is all the data business related?

Depending on your specific business, certain government regulations might require your business to backup your data for auditing purposes. Regulation compliance sometimes requires businesses to maintain an email archive for legal reasons.

Online Storage

Online services provide off-site storage solutions that automatically backup your information over the internet. With cloud file sharing, you protect your business from data loss by storing your data remotely. Cloud storage and file sharing enable your company to be flexible in your storage needs and share information with team members and clients. Cloud storage can keep up with your business growth.

Network-Attached Storage

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices connect to local area networks (LAN) and provide its users with file-based, shared storage. Operating from a centralized location, NAS servers provide instant access to data to authorized users.

NAS drives are scalable solutions since you can easily add more storage as your business grows. Instead of having information shared on a remote cloud, your information will be shared on an on-site cloud. NAS servers are perfect for small business that don’t have IT departments since they are easy to setup and maintain.

It’s never too late to plan a scalable storage solution for your business, but it’s best to start early. Scalable storage in Los Angeles exist for both home users and enterprises. Distributed storage helps your business by protecting it from complete data loss. You can easily retrieve your data from any device with an internet connection. When you plan for your business’ future storage needs, you can save time and money in the long run.

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