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When you’ve shot your last bit of footage, you’re ready to start the post production process using your favorite video editing software. Many filmmakers opt for the Avid video editing solution. Avid’s video editing solution, Media Composer 8, enables filmmakers from making the most out of their video and audio. With Avid Media Composer 8, you can collaborate easily with video and audio editors, connect all of your cameras, edit in high resolutions and deliver stunning video.

Picture Editing

Avid’s Media Composer makes it easy to work in SD, HD, Ultra HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K.  You can import your preferred format and enhance the footage you’ve got. Picture editors will create an Edit Decision List (EDL) based on your script to cut scenes to make the story better. Video editing software enables you to view your footage, do rough cuts, trim sections, and more. As you continue to edit, Avid Media Composer 8 allows you to add close-ups, cutaway shots, and add effects.

Sound Editing

Sound Editors can use Media Composer to cut dialogue tracks, re-create sound effects, and prepare cue sheets for mixing. Great-looking footage needs great-sounding audio. Make your audio and music pop with Avid Media Composer 8 to build emotion. Using Media Composer’s DSP systems and control surfaces, you can manage heaps of media much more efficiently than with previous versions.

Color Grading

Avid’s Media Composer color grading function gives your footage a more cinematic feel. Using Avid Media Composer’s automatic color correction tools, you can manually alter the corrections towards the end of your editing process. Add a bit of orange for a warmer effect or blue for a cooler effect.

None of this post-production would be possible without Avid storage that enables your editors from accessing your data from anywhere. By sharing workflows, you and your team can share media remotely and collaborate on the spot.Take your filmmaking to the next level with Avid’s Media Composer 8.