Are you wondering if the Black Magic Studio 4K camera can stand up to the production of your film? There are plenty of instances where short and feature films have used Black magic Design’s 4K studio camera to capture beautiful video.

Black magic Design’s studio 4k camera is the world’s smallest broadcast camera with the largest viewfinder. Housed inside a durable and lightweight magnesium alloy exterior, this broadcast-ready camera can handle all of your filmmaking needs.

The Infiltrator

Director Brad Furman fronted this crime drama (based on a true story) about taking down the biggest drug lord of the time, Pablo Escobar. Starring Bryan Cranston and John Leguizamo, this autobiography of U.S. Customs agent, Robert Mazur, captured the powerful story using five Red Epic Dragon cameras. Cinematographer Joshua Reis, however, opted for the durable Black magic 4k production cameras as crash cameras for the movie. With its small, but professional build, the 4k studio camera can be the perfect crash or hidden cam for your film.

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The Strongest Man

This comedy about a worrisome Cuban man who thinks of himself as the strongest man in the world. Throughout the movie, he tries to find himself, his stolen bicycle, and the love of his life. Cinematographer Tom Garner used 4K production cameras to capture all the action. From capturing bicycle riding scenes to scenes in the dark, the 4K cameras made it exciting to see the chase caught on these cameras.


If you needed more convincing of Black magic’s 4K camera reliability, check out Timothy Woodward Jr’s action thriller film, “Checkmate.” This feature film about an elaborate bank heist (starring Danny Glover, Sean Astin, and Vinnie Jones) shot a lot in ProRes to make the post process easier. When interviewed by HDSLR Shooter, Timothy mentioned the camera worked perfectly in daylight and needed only a few adjustments in low light.

Flesh and Blood

SXSW film “Flesh and Blood” used multiple of Black magic’s arsenal of cameras including URSA Mini 4.6K, Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera. Cinematographer Patrice Lucien Cochet used these cameras to shoot a hyperealistic portrayal of real life events of Mark Webber. The Production Camera 4K was used as a B camera and shot in RAW. The Pocket Cinema Camera was perfect for scenes with limited space (car scenes).

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These films show the reliability and clean images you get from using Black magic Design’s line of production and pocket-sized cameras for films. Once you’ve capture your footage, edit with Adobe video editing software or your favorite editing software to add the finishing touches to your film.

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