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Your business is exponentially accumulating new data every day. Growing businesses need to save documents, photos, and a host of other files to maintain business operations. There are a variety of file storage solutions that increase your data security and management to protect you in case of data loss. Here are how your business can take advantage of shared storage, a popular data storage solution.

What is Shared Storage?

A computer storage solution like shared storage is a type of resource pool that is shared by a multitude of computer and server resources. Typically, shared storage is used in enterprise IT infrastructures for team members to access the organization’s network. Shared storage comes in a variety of forms, including: storage area network (SAN), network attached storage (NAS), storage servers, and cloud storage where you can perform cloud file sharing.

Authorized users can have different permission levels to access, change, and create data from the data that has been shared. Shared storage offers the advantage of housing all the data on one file server pool instead of spreading it across multiple servers (with varying performance levels). Since all data is housed in one server, access to data is streamlined by saving space and network bandwidth. Here are some other advantages of shared storage.

24/7 Availability

In the case of an emergency where data is lost, shared storage enables you to reduce the downtime. How? Data is not dependent on as many technological resources as before. When one of your server fails, you do not completely lose the data you need. Powering up virtual machines (VM) from a damaged server to a functional one can help you retrieve your data.

Increased Performance

Shared storage enables your business to always exceed storage demands. By centralizing all storage in one area. When you have multiple servers with multiple disks, you can’t share their performance when one is acting up. With shared storage, you can share performance from a different server when needed.

Improved Data Features

Computer storage solutions offer features like snap shots which enable your business to take  photograph of your data in real-time. You can set it up to take a snap shot every hour, day, or whatever your preference. Other features like thin provisioning, zeros detection, tiering, and more make shared storage solutions excellent services to protect your data.

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