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Every video producer fears losing all of their data in the middle of a project. It’s only a matter of time until your hard drive storage solution begins to falter. With so multiple terabytes at stake, a reliable, fast, and secure storage solution is imperative. When it comes to video storage and backup, the Avid shared storage solution is top-of-the line.

Avid’s latest storage solution, the NEXIS, features a wide array of technical advancements from its previous iteration, Avid’s ISIS. The best part about the NEXIS is that it can interoperate seamlessly with your current Avid ISIS storage system, so you can have a optimized Avid NEXIS & ISIS workflow.

Why Upgrade From Avid ISIS to Avid NEXIS?

If you currently own the Avid ISIS storage solution, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider upgrading to the Avid NEXIS. Avid NEXIS offer higher performance, higher capacity, more protection for your media, affordable costs, better reliability, and more to keep up with your collaborative production. Moving your media from Avid ISIS to Avid NEXIS is very straightforward. The Avid data migration utility desktop tool will guide you through the process of transferring data to your new system.

NEXIS Storage Options vs Avid ISIS

The Avid NEXIS PRO is an entry-level Avid shared storage, considered the market equivalent of the ISIS 1000. In a single chassis you can get 20TB (up to 160TB) with you choice of the 20TB or 40TB Media Pack. In the NEXIS shared storage ecosystem, a media pack is a building block of your storage system. With the Avid NEXIS PRO you can connect up to four PRO engines to scale out.

The NEXIS E2 is another standalone chassis with half the rack space of an ISIS 5000/5500. It has one “media pack” which contains a pack of 10 drives (available in 20TB or 6TB options). The NEXIS E4 is the most advanced standalone chassis from Avid. It’s double the size of the E2 when it comes to hard drive capacity and rack size. In terms of size, it’s just as large as an ISIS 5000/5500. An E4 Avid shared storage system can hold one or two media packs. One media pack can fill half the rack while two media packs (20 drives) can fill the E4 completely.

New Features For Better Media Protection And Speed

As opposed to the latest RAID 5 and RAID 6 data protection schemes, the Avid NEXIS storage solution takes media protection and speed to the next level. NEXIS boasts a “media aware protection” feature which only rebuild media on the drive that failed effectively decreasing your system’s data recovery time (offered in NEXIS E2 and E4).

The Avid NEXIS PRO features full-time 2 drive protection, a simpler, but effective RAID solution. When it comes to speed, Avid NEXIS offers consistent and reliable throughput no matter what. A NEXIS PRO or Media Pack handles up to 400 mbps. If you need to scale out, a fully populated E4 chassis with two media packs would allow up to 800 mbps.

Avid NEXIS Storage For Maximum Business Scalability

In a collaborative media production workplace, you often need more and more space for your growing project list and it’s backups. The NEXIS System Director Appliance lets you go above four chassis with the E2 and E4 chassis to scale your NEXIS shared storage. Scale up to 12 chassis or 24 media packs with an advanced license as your business begins to scale.

Ultimately, the most effective way to backup your media data is with a synergistic combination of on-site hard drives and a backup cloud solution. These Avid shared storage solutions can enable you and your team from working from any corner of the globe in real-time. Let MelroseINC guide you through the process of optimizing your Avid workflow with these storage solutions as well as Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and more third-party applications.