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Avid’s Pro Tools cloud collaboration was first introduced to us in Pro Tools version 12.5. Since then, this industry-leading technology enables video collaborators to connect with each other from anywhere in the world. When you create a project file, it’ll be automatically stored in the cloud, unlike session files that are stored on your local hard drive.

Pro Tools even has a chat window where you can communicate easier with everyone in your team. Avid Pro Tools version 12.5 and beyond enable up to two users to work on one project at the same time. Avid Pro Tools 12 gives you the ability to create anywhere you have an internet connection.

Is Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Right For You?

Avid Pro Tools cloud collaboration is for everyone. Avid Pro Tools 12 was designed so that everyone from a musician to an engineer can work together on a shared project. Pro tools cloud collaboration is helpful when a musician, mixer, producer, or singer is not around to help. With Avid Pro Tools, you can invite others to work with you without leaving your workstation. Pro Tools cloud collaboration is, however, unavailable in or licensed for use in Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

How Much Storage Does Pro Tools Come With?

Avid Pro Tools version 12.5 and beyond provides you with 1 GB of cloud storage to keep up to three project files. Using lossless compression technology, your projects will contain anywhere between 30-70% less space in your cloud storage. Need more space? Avid offers 30 GB or 80 GB options (with unlimited projects). If you’re invited to work on a project, your work does not reduce your storage limit. Only projects you’ve made count towards your limit. Pro Tools also lets you save as many versions of your project in your revision history.

Avid Pro Tools version 12.5 gives you more control than ever before. All of your collaborations are saved automatically. When you close the program, all of your chat threads are saved in the cloud so you can revisit your message history.

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