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Cloud storage providers can assist editors across various industries by providing them with a reliable, fast, and scalable storage solution. Cloud storage providers store vast amounts of information remotely. Editors can access files in a matter of seconds from anywhere. Share your stories, media files, and more all from a single cloud-based browser interface.

Cloud technology enables editors across the world to collaborate on shared files and programs at faster speeds to companies with more than with just an on-site storage solutions. Cloud storage can dramatically enhance your editing workflows and collaboration in the following ways.

Faster Performance

Instead of storing all of your data only in local storage systems, take advantage of the performance-enhancing features of cloud data storage solutions. Cloud storage provides robust disaster recovery after data loss. Cloud storage providers offer advanced security features, antivirus application, and multiple data replication to keep your business running no matter what. Because your files are stored offline, your system will perform better making it easy to handle heaps of data.

Global Connectivity

With cloud data storage solutions, your team can access files from any corner of the world. Send files at blazing fast speeds and receive high-frame rate media files and edited projects in mere seconds. Editors and their collaborators can work together in real time no matter what operating system or mobile device they are using. With cloud storage, you have full control over accessibility and authorizing users easily.

Easy Integration

A cloud-based shared storage solution removes the hassle of integrating more storage into your current system. Cloud-based storage reduces setup time giving you more time to spend on editing your work. For those that can’t afford a local data storage system, a cloud file storage solutions can be a less expensive with minimal hardware needed to maintain. Furthermore, cloud storage systems commonly have automatic upgrades and IT help when you need it.


Video editors have growing storage needs, especially those who work with others remotely. Cloud storage providers provide unlimited storage and data transfer between all your users. As your video editing needs begin to grow, your storage will increase but your system’s performance will remain as strong as ever.

Cloud storage providers can increase efficiency across many editing workflows. By storing files remotely, editors can send and receive files with team members based across multiple countries. Reach out to MelroseINC to talk to to one of their trained staff members who can help you find the right cloud storage to increase your editing work.