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Avid’s Pro Tools 12 provides users with an expansive set of professional virtual instrument and effect plug-ins to add color and dimension to their music. While annual and monthly subscription licenses to Avid Pro Tools 12 will get you bonus plug-ins, this software does comes with a comprehensive selection of free Avid Pro Tools plugins. These plug-ins include delay, dynamics, reverb, and other audio processing tools.

With over 60+ virtual instrument and effect plug-ins, Avid Pro Tools 12 producers can make entire albums with stock capabilities. If you’re looking for Pro Tools for sale, consider these included plug-ins to decide if Pro Tools is right for you.

Virtual Instruments

Avid Pro Tools 12 delivers a variety of professional virtual instrument plug-ins. The AIR Boom plug-in enables producers to create beats from scratch using this drum machine and sequencer. This pattern sequencer includes a wide array of contemporary, classic, and electronic drum kits. Once you laid down the rhythm, use the AIR DB-33 for a super-realistic retro organ sound or the AIR Mini Grand for that premium acoustic grand piano sound.

The AIR Structure Free plug-in is a sample player that lets you drag, drop, and edit samples from its extensive 37+GB sample library of every instrument you can imagine. For a classic tube synth sound, choose the AIR Vacuum plug-in to add warmth and nostalgia to your production. Finally, the AIR XPand!2 lets Pro Tools users access tons of instrument sounds, effects, and more.

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EQ and Dynamics

EQ and dynamics controls enable producers to adjust frequency and shape the overall vibe of track. Pro Tools delivers multiple plug-ins like the BF76 which emulates the classic solid-state 1176 compressor, the Dynamic III Compressor/Limiter, and the Dynamic III Expander/Gate. Other plug-ins include the Avid Channel Strip to mix tracks, the Dynamics III De-Esser to reduce sibilants, and the EQ III 1-Band and EQ III 7-Band to shape sounds.

Reverb and Delay

Add space and echo to your sound with an professional reverb and delay suite. AIR Dynamic Delay gives you that clean delay sound. AIR Multi-Delay beefs up your delay sound. AIR Nonlinear Reverb create cool gated reverb effects. The AIR Reverb gives you more natural-sounding reverb effects.

Other Pro-Tools included plug-ins include AIR Spring Reverb for delayed reverb, D-Verb for spacious hall or intimate room reverb, Mod Delay III for modulating delay effects, Studio Reverb for smooth and crisp reverb, and a Tape Echo plug-in for that crunchy, vintage sound.

Effects, Filters, and Sound Processors

Avid Pro Tools 12 gives you more room to create with different effects, filters, and sound processors. Give you sound depth and space with the AIR Chorus plug-in. Dirty up your instrument with AIR Distortion. Clean up tracks with the AIR Enhancer. Add a choir-like effect to guitars with AIR Ensemble.

Other versatile plug-ins include a Filter Gate, Flanger, Frequency Shifter, Fuzz-Wah, Kill EQ, Lo-Fi, MultiChorus, Phaser, Stereo Width, Talkbox (vocoder), Vintage Filter, AutoPan, Eleven Free (guitar tone amp), Maxim, Pitch II, Recti-Fi, SansAmp PSA-1, Sci-Fi, Time Compression/Expansion, Time Shift, and Vari-Fi plug-ins.

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Avid Pro Tools plugins make it easier to record, mix, and produce great music. The Click II plug-in helps you keep tempo so you can give a flawless performance. DC Offset Removal takes out those ugly pops and clicks to clean up your tracks. Reverse replaces an audio selected with a reversed version for ethereal and alien-sounding effects. More utility plug-ins include Dither, Down Mixer, Duplicate, Gain, InTune, Invert, MasterMeter, Normalize, POW-r Dither, ReWire, Signal Generator, Time Adjuster, and Trim plug-in.

Stop Googling Pro Tools for sale and make the leap into the multi-varied world of Avid solutions. Witness your music editing workflow get easier with these the same Avid Pro Tools plugins that the professionals use.