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The video distribution process begins the moment post-production ends and it streams across a variety of devices. There are many ways to go about distributing video to audiences from the traditional theatrical release distribution process to live streaming a broadcast directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or a variety of other video streaming services.

Video Distribution System

Having a solid video distribution system includes storing, transforming, and distributing media. Cloud based services enable a video distribution system to scale without requiring as many expensive hardware upgrades as before. High-frame rate media from video production equipment can be stored and accessed remotely for distribution.

A scalable video distribution platform will unite all assets, metadata, and workflows across diverse production systems to help broadcasters and creative professionals increase their collaboration. For broadcasting, video distribution involves technology such as encoding, decoding, multiplexing, and more to quickly process information.

Stream or Broadcast Via Any Platform

As the variety of video formats expand, video distributors need to tailor their content using equipment that can convert your media into a digital file to be viewed across multiple platforms. Selecting the right video distribution system will enable you to monitor information from multiple cameras easily.

Using advanced features, broadcasters can communicate with other team members remotely, optimize video transmissions, and more. Choose from an array of comprehensive broadcast system integrators to enable you to transmit video content over satellite or an IP delivery network.

A professional encoder let you distribute your video files to websites, Youtube, iPhone and iPad screens by converting your files from one format to another to display correctly across different mediums. If you need encoding from SMI, HDMI, analog component, modern encoders will do the trick.

No matter what type of content you’re putting out there, MelroseINC can help you develop a distribution infrastructure so that you can distribute your content to as many people as possible. For full media systems integration, chat with our team members by opening up the chat window on the bottom right of the screen.