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MediaCentral for Post makes your post-production workflow faster and better by streamlining every step of the process. Paired with the Avid NEXIS shared storage solution, every single member of your team (not just editors) can work on a single project from the moment media is imported to the final product.

Harnessing the power of cloud technology, MediaCentral for Post enables everyone from assistants to loggers to find and manage media from your Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS PRO. Using streamlined workflow modules, apps, and services, MediaCentral for Post meets high technical demands and saves your company time and money with its comprehensive tools.

Workflow Modules

Designed for small post-production and broadcast collaboration (2-24 users) working with Avid NEXIS, the Editorial and Production Management workflow module provides advanced file management. The core indexing engine and service track of your media and leverages your Avid NEXIS user management and access control configurations automatically so your team can see shared projects in real time. Used with Avid Media Composer 8, editors can remotely edit work and publish across multiple platforms and devices with MediaCentral apps


MediaCentral Capture sets up advanced automated feed scheduling to capture fresh footage instantly so that your team can get working on editing immediately. MediaCentral also makes it easy to put together rough cuts with Edit, an app with solid set of video editing tools. With cloud technology, you can publish from anywhere. With the Publish app, you can deliver content across a variety of channels for web or mobile users. Avid is constantly releasing new apps to streamline your post-production process.


MediaCentral Services include Archive, Copy, Deliver, Distribute, Ingest, Move, and Transfer, all These services streamline data management through remote management of data using cloud technology. With these services you can duplicate assets, transfer media, publish, ingest media into storage like the Avid NEXIS PRO, optimize your storage workspaces, an exchange high-resolution media.

MediaCentral for Post with Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS PRO can help you accelerate your production with professional equipment, software and services. Improve your real time collaboration and save hours of time with the MediaCentral for Post scalable solution for small and mid-sized teams.