Procurement & Sourcing
Tailored, Custom Solutions


Nationwide Procurement and Sourcing

Our nationwide procurement and sourcing division, MelroseSRC, provides concierge white-glove service, tailoring custom solutions to each client’s needs. With our strategic partnerships, we source from top brands and industry leaders, such as Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Cisco. MelroseSRC navigates our clients through the evaluation, acquisition, and deployment processes.

By joining the MelroseSRC program, you’re not just gaining access to companies near you, you’re gaining access to the best technology nationwide. We have created a list of suppliers who will meet your needs while providing you with competitive pricing and high-quality equipment. We know there are many different IT outsourcing companies which is why MelroseSRC is dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure we’re the one you turn to when you need assistance sourcing and procuring equipment.



Tailored Solutions

Your procurement and sourcing needs are unique to your business, and more than likely, you won't have the same issues as your competitors. This means that any solution that isn't custom-tailored to your business may not effectively address your specific needs.

Providing tailor-made solutions is where MelroseSRC is different from any other procurement and sourcing team. We understand that your needs will be distinct, and we will customize our entire process as needed to fit your business.

If you are tired of procurement and sourcing methods that seem designed to be a blanket solution but don't entirely cover your needs, it is time to turn to us. Contact MelroseSRC today to see how we can help.



Work with us and gain access to:

  • A dedicated Concierge to take care of all your needs.
    Competitive and reasonable pricing.
  • Assistance with your business’s technology needs.
    Our Apple service center.
  • Same day or next day delivery of items.
  • Authentic products sourced from leading brands.


Keeping your inventory well-stocked is vital to every business. If you cannot keep your procurement and supply chain working to bring in the equipment, inventory, and tools you need to keep your business moving forward, you are going to find yourself facing a number of issues. MelroseSRC can assist you with finding and securing a strong supply line to maintain your stock. MelroseSRC's kiosks are the company's innovative way to provide staff with the technology products needed to perform efficiently and excellence. Our kiosks are designed and branded to each client's aesthetic specifications, stocked and managed by MelroseINC directly, making the process seamless for our customers. Based on their need, each client may customize which products are available for their staff, how and when the inventory will change, and who has access.



MelroseSRC Kiosk

White Glove Service

The MelroseSRC team is dedicated to developing customized solutions that impact how a business functions. We treat every customer and project as a diamond to mine.

Our goal is to provide the best possible solution for your business needs, then source the highest quality and highest value products to meet those needs.

Think of us as your procurement concierge, whose job is to make the sourcing process easy and effortless for you. While we're doing the heavy-lifting, you're able to focus on other ways to help your company flourish.




Businesses around the world deploy applications via the cloud. Cloud-based applications and data storage options provide a number of unique benefits.


Cloud Software Solutions

There’s no need to install the program on every computer, saving time. Likewise, the application on the cloud is the only one that needs updating or patching. You don’t have to install upgrades on each individual machine.

Imaging Services

You’ll never have to worry about finding the information about each provider, recording the prices they offer for the products you need, and then compare those prices to other companies. Instead, we will do everything for you.

Cloud Storage

While securing data used to be a big concern, today cloud servers are just as protected as any other business network. In fact, they can actually help increase your security because your data is constantly backed up.