Private Hosting

Collaborative Editing

The Melrose Private Media Cloud (PMC) is designed to give you the flexibility to do what works best for you. PMC offers productions budget certainty combined with the reliability and scalability of a managed data center environment. MelroseTEC engineering resources with expertise in post-production workflows are available to provide support if and when you need it as well.


MelrosePMC is built from the ground up to support collaborative editorial workflows under a reserved-use billing model. That means you pay one price no matter how much you use, subject to your initial agreement. There are no long-term contract requirements, no data egress fees, and no per-second billing models to worry about. If you have existing servers, you can bring them to a PMC location; host them in our racks; and manage them on your own for one set monthly price. Co-location allows you the flexibility to use equipment you already own while still benefiting from the secure and resilient data center infrastructure we mange on your behalf. You always pay an agreed price that does not change no matter how much you use.


MelrosePMC also offers you the flexibility to scale, physically or virtually, whenever you need more bandwidth, more remote workstations, or more support resources. MelroseINC can source and install new equipment you purchase outright, saving you money over time. MelrosePMC can also provision and deploy Virtual Workstations on Demand on a pay-as-you-go basis, as you need. Whether you prefer OPEX or CAPEX, owning or housing your rentals, Melrose Private Media Cloud is ready and able to help.


PMC leverages many of the benefits and efficiencies of cloud-based workflows but eliminates the variable and hard-to-budget-for costs, allowing you to focus on your own business development. MelrosePMC and MelroseTEC engineers can take some weight off your IT department. Get access to on-demand connectivity and expansion, paired with predictable all-inclusive monthly costs, and unprecedented managed services to support the creation and delivery of your content. Leverage the value of existing, or newly purchased equipment, while still taking advantage of remote editorial workflows enabled by a cloud architecture. MelrosePMC can help you scale your remote workflows quickly and securely whenever you need.


With Private Hosting you use the same industry standard tools you trust.

Is It Secure?

Your data is kept safe in the MelrosePMC datacenter:

• The facility is monitored 24 hours a day. On-site armed security response
• Five-nines reliability. 99.999% facility uptime
• Datacenter has redundant power, cooling, and connectivity
• AES-256 end-to-end transit encryption for MelrosePMC VPN accounts
• Biometric access controls
• SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 22301, NIST-800/53 Standards compliant

The Benefits

Benefits of hosting with MelrosePMC:

• Reduce your power footprint

• Reduce your rack space footprint

• Access from anywhere your centralized critical data

• Edit with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premier from anywhere

• On-demand internet speeds up to 10GB

• Dynamically expand or reduce your editing systems and storage as workload requirements dictate

• Reduce traditional operating Costs

• No long-term lease commitments

• White glove service for initial integration and ongoing services


How It Works

Here are the things to expect at Start-up:


• Colocation Rackspace, Power and AC are all included in one monthly cost.
• Infrastructure support is included

• Block hours for MelroseTEC managed services are available
25/50/100/200 block hours

• You provide existing editing software, workstations and storage

• Or you purchase new editing software, workstations and storage to be hosted

• You provide existing remote clients
• There is a one-time-only Set-Up cost

• Or you could use our Workstations-on-Demand offering
a pay-per-use model

How To Begin

Get started now:


• How many users do you have?
• How many workstations do you have?
• What software are your users running?
• Is your hardware currently set up onsite?
• Are you planning on purchasing new equipment?

Case Studies and Tech Sheets

At the heart of MelroseTEC are our clients. Our team takes great care in providing industry-class support and solutions for companies across North America in the media and entertainment industry, government, sciences, professional sports, gaming, and house of worships.