Cities across the world are proving that innovation in technology is key to attracting new business and promoting the health and happiness of its citizens. In doing so, they are stimulating economic stability and growth. With innovation in transportation, green technology, and IT that is used to connect a city to its community, ‘smart cities’ can advance themselves toward attracting industries and entrepreneurs. Here are three examples of powerful new technologies that are being utilized in urban areas.

Moving People At LAX

Upon its completion, Los Angeles’ Automated People Mover, or APM, will serve an estimated 30 million passengers each year at Los Angeles International airport. The APM will drastically reduce airport traffic, and with its utilization of electric power, recycled materials, and regenerative braking, it will shrink the airport’s carbon footprint.   

APM at Los Angeles International Airport

The APM is slated to begin service in early 2023 and will include six stations along a 2.25-mile guideway that will be traveled by a fleet of 44 fully electric cars. The system’s maintenance facilities and command center have been designed to obtain LEED Gold Certification and will harness solar energy to generate a portion of their power.

Along with the improvements in sustainability and the decrease in congestion, the Automated People Mover will also give a boost to the people of Los Angeles. This new tech investment will create jobs and pump revenue into the local economy during its construction. The APM is precisely the kind of venture that can become a showcase for a city leading the way in innovation in technology.

Connecting Vehicles To Seoul

Seoul, South Korea is at the forefront of using the internet to capitalize on communication between vehicles and cities. In order to make moving the nearly 25-million people that live in the Seoul Capital area feasible, Seoul’s public transportation system gathers real-time traffic information through GPS systems and road sensors. Seoul continues to update its Intelligent Traffic System, or ITS, to improve traffic conditions in the city and provide relief from some ramifications of growing urban populations.

As autonomous vehicle technology becomes more prevalent, technologies that move info between vehicles and cities, like Seoul’s ITS, will surely be a staple of technological innovation in the world’s principal cities. For example, Navya is piloting autonomous shuttle programs in 18 cities across the world-including Las Vegas-that rely on real-time information for efficient shuttle deployment.

An Amazing Experience For San Jose Citizens

My San Jose app

Project ACE is part of San Jose, California’s plan to become America’s most innovative city by next year. ACE stands for Amazing Citizen Experience, and the project’s goal is to use cloud technology to enhance communication between San Jose and its citizens. The My San Jose app, a component of Project ACE, allows citizens to enter service requests for incidences such as abandoned cars, downed power lines, and street lights that need repair. Users can even submit GPS tagged photos along with their requests. The requests get relayed to service teams through the app, and the requestor can monitor the status of their request in real time.

This innovative project shows that cities can utilize technology not just for practical means, but to improve the relationship between a city and its citizens as well. Project ACE engages citizens in civic service across San Jose and increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of municipal services. This new tech in San Jose is proving that when cities commit to innovative technologies, both the city and its citizens reap the benefits.

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